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Published: 2010-08-24 00:00:00 -0700



This is the slogan and name rolled into one. It is a play on words that both demands remembering and challenges commonplace brands in its sphere of influence.

I AM KINETIC came to me for a complete logo overhaul. I also did all their printed materials for an upcoming tradeshow.

My thought process was simple: Kinetic means movement. I thought of kinetic energy, which was so versatile for branding I couldn’t pass up the chance. I knew this name was loud and vibrant, so the colors should follow suit.

With these basic parameters in mind, I came up with a variety of iterations. Here is a cross section of my thoughts. i am kinetic cross section logos

I then moved forward with a few of these I liked.

i am kinetic logo iterations

These designes were influenced by stereoscopic imagery, giving it a 3-d efect by overlaying transparencies of the text and shifting them in different colors. This gave a very cool effect, but as a memorable logo, it would have needed strict branding signals to help reinforce this concept. So I moved back to the drawing board, considering the type arrangement itself complete.

i am kinetic logo iterations 2

This next round was based solely on the concept of atomic structure. Atoms are truly the basic of kinetic energy, so I felt it appropriate.

I tried many permutations as seen above, but I eventually finalized this one, and polished it up:

i am kinetic logo

Once done, I applied it to business cards. The color was vibrant and truly gorgeous looking:

iak business cards

And lastly, applied to a basic splash page meant to serve for new registration:

iak website splash

This project was a major success and turned out very beautiful. The aesthetic was the biggest motivation for the branding and it was better than expected.