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Published: 2010-08-24 00:00:00 -0700

Medtronic Heartwalk

The Medtronic Heartwalk was a great opportunity for me as a designer, and for supporters fighting against heart disease. The event garnered over 10,000 people, swarming the Seattle area with participants.

I designed the t-shirts for Team Medtronic, who lead the charge in defibrillator innovation. I worked directly with the marketing team at Medtronic and went through several iterations:

medtronic t-shirt mockup iterations

These were a bit too simplifed and did not work with the printing requirements (no bleed) so I went back to the drawing table. I eventually came up with a stronger concept, using different silhouettes of people spreading out from one convergence point. This simple concept symbolizes the different people who come to the heart walks—both literally and figuratively from all walks-of-life.

After this concept was born, I came up with the initial design below:

medtronic heartwalk t-shirts second iteration

After some refinement, we eventually settled on this final design:

medtronic heartwalk t-shirt final design

The illustration on back was my primary contribution. I had several concepts laid out for the sleeves as well as front, along with a revised "Heart 2 Heart" logo. Unfortunately these were not used, but the shirts still turned out great.

Introductory speech at Qwest Field:

medtronic heartwalk qwest field

heartwalk image

(Above) Participants walking along the Alaskan Way Viaduct which was closed for the 3-mile loop.

heartwalk image

Friends from the Heartwalk.

heartwalk image dxdstudio

Digital Defiant Studios is recognized as a leading contributor.

medtronic heartwalk

Fellow participants stopping by the water supply for a quick drink.

medtronic heartwalk

Me (left) and friends spazzing out at the introductory speech.

medtronic heartwalk

Friends walking past the finish line. Congrats!