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Published: 2010-12-05 00:00:00 -0800

DEFINE hosting

DEFINE hosting was a project started between me and a colleague of mine back in 2006. It was a rebrand of an existing hosting company, meant to give it more clout and brand remembrance.

I decided it would be appropriate to use the text in an all-caps fashion for everything, even outside the logo itself.

The logo is simple in execution, but it does it’s job well in making clear what the name means. It is also a play on words: DEFINE defines hosting, because it’s a top-tier service.


The letters “NE” were encased within the “I”, forming the concept. I then added a small circle at the top, not only to give it a simple but unique trait, but to also hint at the concept of technology, since the 90 degree angles formed by the lines are reminiscent of circuitry. This also had the added effect of dotting the “i”. Triple-whammy!

I also added the slogan “define your presence” which is alo a play on words. Presence being hosting itself, and also the presence of the companies image.


This vague descriptor applied to itself to all kinds of applications, which were used to build out various sub-sections of the brand and site.

This was done because DEFINE positioned itself as a hosting company that caters to the average joe, but also has custom designed solutions for people in different sectors of industry.

Overall I think it was an excellent outcome that was executed well!