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Published: 2011-08-31 00:00:00 -0700

Tips for finding and enjoying the perfect music

Step 1. Visit Pandora for your music genre of choice.

Use Pandora to filter out some cool new bands you’ve never heard of. This is the “discovery phase”. You might even consider upgrading to Pandora one. I have it and am a huge fan and it’s super cheap!

Step 2. Visit Grooveshark once you've honed it down to that "perfect" artist.

Now that you’ve got the artist(s) figured out, go listen to all your new stuff! Grooveshark lets you get the music in bulk, control it and create awesome playlists. Pandora lets you find stuff you didn’t even know existed, or that you forgot about.

Step 3. Enjoy!

Grab a drink, or maybe a taco. Enjoy. Or consider upgrading cause supporting useful apps that are lean and efficient is a great way to keep innovation going.

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