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Published: 2012-07-26 00:00:00 -0700

DesignerCorps logo and graphics

Eons ago, I had the grand idea of creating a website application that would serve as training grounds for newbie and up-and-coming designers. It would have all the bells and whistles of any other social community, but it use game theory heavily – games, challenges, quizzes, courses and leaderboard rankings would intensify and enliven the education and practice of design. Years later, this idea has not come to fruition, but a good learning experience was had, and a fun logo was created.

I’ve dusted off this fun logo illustration and present it here for you to feast your eyes upon (hopefully!)

The final logo and primary color scheme: bold, wild and invigorating.

designer corps logos 2

The primary symbol and the logo, along with a wordmark I designed for some unknown usage.

designer corps logos