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Published: 2010-08-24 00:00:00 -0700

T-Mobile "Loyalty" Program

The T-Mobile “Loyalty” program was devised to create a cohesive brand for employee loyalty. It was a completely internal project –meaning it was never a forward-facing design. This was meant to capture the attention of employees through a series of presentations, work guidelines and printed brochures that would follow the strict brand styleguide but still have a friendly “icon” that was memorable for employees.

Here’s an example of the final logo applied to some text documents. This was preliminary and didn’t include any of the¬†style guide¬†requirements for layout.

tmobile loyalty page example

Working with Alchion Design Lab, I quickly started on my own sketches, developing many concepts for the very fast turnaround of 2 days (weekend.) As you can see, I created a lot of concepts and variations on the outset.

tmobile loyalty icons all

The final result below.

tmobile loyalty logo final

I wanted something simple, clever and friendly. I thought of using various robotic mascots, giving it a techy feel. But I eventually steered away from that concept as the logo slowly evolved into the final “lion.” I decided on a lion because it was both strong and loyal –a whimsical friend.