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Published: 2010-08-24 00:00:00 -0700

Triage (toys)

Triage was actually a backburnered project of mine, in conjunction with an old friend. It was set to be a Japanese vinyl inspired “grunge” doll company, specializing in toys made from junk parts, recycled into macabre masterpieces.

The inspiration came from many Japanese vinyl toys, especially the Kaiju sets. Below are some example pieces of inspiration I had collected:

kaiju figures

Tokusatsu Toho Kaiju kaiju vinyl toys design

Here are some initial comps I created, based on the triage medical priority system.

triage logo comps and inspiration

The logo and name seemed to make perfect sense, as we were categorizing “dead” pieces into usable parts, with which to make frankenstein creations.

Here is the final logo that I came up with.

triage toys logo

And some applications for backgrounds and advertisements

Triage bg - pick your poison

It was ultimately abandoned due to time and resource constraints, but perhaps one day it will resurface!