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Published: 2010-12-03 00:00:00 -0800

Massive Coupon logo

Massive Coupon is quite simple: it’s a groupon clone.

The design I made was very straightforward. I wanted it to be a bit silly in nature, so I made quite literally, a massive coupon.

I threw any notion of “people” or “community” out the window because it’s such a ubiquitous trait of coupons: everyone knows coupons are for everyone. No need to explain it in the logo.

Instead I made it more irreverent and fun.

I started out by making the coupon, then giving it a shadow to enforce the “giant aspect”. This looked nice, but it wasn’t quite obvious enough that it was a giant coupon.


I then added some cloud effects to give more perspective. This also looked a lot more polished and provided some nice contrast for the logo.


All in all it was a fun experiment and the results turned out nice!