Digital Defiant Studios

Published: 2011-03-07 00:00:00 -0800

Twising and deforming the UL: mapping the applications of lists across the web

UL. Unordered List. It’s child is the LI, or List Item. It creates the lists of content that are commonly featured in the landscape of many websites, but often we don’t think about the underlying structure of what it looks like.

In this post, I decided to explore the abstract representation of the UL (and of course the children LI’s) to see what kind of interesting applications we could find and what it would look like in real terms and abstract ones.

Below are the designed results:


ul-arrangements-circular ul-arrangements-horizontal ul-arrangements-multicolumn ul-arrangements-multirow ul-arrangements-random ul-arrangements-shape ul-arrangements-stepped ul-arrangements-zigzag