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view  Esoteric Rite logos

view  Memsim memory simulator graphic

view  life as DRAFT: design, invention (and life) are never finished products.

view  LIVE ocean poster designs

view  MishMash gamification app

view  AllOurStock - logo, icon and application design

view  Consumerist Rodin

view  Salam calligraphy designs

view  Sneyeper idea concepts

view  Skulls logo

view  Color blocking

view  Puprent logo

view  SIN Factory

view  Yougenics - logo, gui and concept UI

view  SimplyComplex - logo and graphic designs

view  Biztro app logo, branding and website design

view  MAX monogram logo concept

view  estetik logo concept

view  DesignerCorps logo and graphics

view  Quoster logo

view  DNA Origami logo

view  Skel eton illustration experiments

view  Divisor Agency logo

view  Transistors collages

view  Mixed Collages and abstract designs for FreeStockFor.Us

view  2012: Happy New Year from Digital Defiant Studios

view  Digital Defiant Studios: Zero Hour graphics

view  Happiness illustration

view  Pathways design covers

view  Mixed Poster Designs - 2006-2008

view  Mixed Graffiti designs 2005-2007

view  Gas mask designs

view  Alien icons

view  Threadless t-shirts: Porkchop

view  Design Marks: 2007

view  I Love Nature wallpaper

view  Digital Defiant Business Cards Summer 2011

view  Commode Overload logo

view  Wired can redesign

view  2006-2010 Mixed Personal

view  Mutating Shapes

view  Figure 1

view  Tastefully Digitized posters

view  Graffik Domination

view  FWA wallpaper design

view  Computerlove poster contest

view  Colony 5

view  Omerta/Syndicate logos

view  Goomba character designs

view  Minstrel Magazine logo and application

view  Triage (toys)

view  AuditionEngine - logo and styling

view  Strange Configurations collages