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This is my jumbled mix of thoughts related to design, branding, technology, intelligence, psychology and the convergence of these subjects. With a bit of totally random hyperbole mixed in. Enjoy! (And as always, please feel free to comment and further the discussion.)

I hope you have as much fun reading them as I've had writing them.

view  Generating (literally) new science professions

view  Deployment nirvana: deploy your python apps as pip packages

view  Feature flipping with environment variables

view  Math, programming, development - some rules to live by

view  An algorithm for sustainability: Ecological clustering

view  An application "algebra" design

view  A new type of diagram: helical, cyclical and temporal.

view  Learned (and good) application architecture principles

view  Tips for creating a classic, useful programming library

view  Haptic interface ideas

view  The easy way to create Cartesian trees

view  Refactoring real, large, and messy codebases

view  Exploratory Programming: cool ideas from books

view  The case for a living wage - an atypical perspective

view  A quick rant on the structure of math, and symbolic thought

view  Constructs, parallelism, paradigms and the groovy flow of computation

view  Practicing and understanding comprehensions in Python

view  I am the sum of my internal states

view  Make everything free: a case for defeating the patent trolls

view  Free Open Source Bounty

view  The Workforce Imperative

view  NO-Boilerplate - ideas for future programming interfaces

view  A design approach to modular javascript libraries

view  Solving the worlds riddles with teamwork, cooperation and strategy.

view  Logo look-alikes: squarespace and mutual mobile

view  More productive engineer hiring.

view  Git log total LOC + refactoring

view  life as DRAFT: design, invention (and life) are never finished products.

view  The Paradigm shift: context + module

view  Fiverr logo: an honest critique of a $5 logo experiment

view  Logo look-alikes: Opscode and

view  Google innovation: true to form or irrelevant anyway?

view  Font Metadata + Search Engines

view  2012: Happy New Year from Digital Defiant Studios

view  Where I stand on SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act)

view  Vector dumb objects

view  The Google model, benevolence, and positive feedback loops

view  Google map art

view  Twising and deforming the UL: mapping the applications of lists across the web

view  Jonas Salk: a hero of benevolence and a model of behavior

view  Crowd-sourced design: consesquence of the commons (and plane crashes!)

view  Master principles of logo design: iterative evolution and finding the organic patterns within

view  Styleguides across the web

view  The power of fail: why we need to redefine "failure" and recognize its transforming greatness

view  Crowdsourcing education and why school = failure

view  sogoL: backwards brands and the meanings they create

view  99designs but a job ain't one

view  Clipart conundrum, dinner and a movie

view  "Death by Open Source" and the bigger picture

view  Too big for your britches: corporate overgrowth and a procedural solution

view  Third Renaissance: DIY revolution

view  Pudding Proof: why DHS seizures and body scanners are going to stifle America (and more)

view  What if logos were CAPTCHAs?

view  The age of logo stunts

view  logoscapes

view  Brandcodes: letter spacing as identifier

view  Branded backgrounds and textures: do's and dont's

view  The type refiners guide to sexy logos and typographic illustrations

view  Brand as a personality; brand as a person.

view  Kerning + tracking letterforms for logos; the definitive thesis (or why I obsess over typography)

view  GMO - The bad, the good and the ugly

view  How we can fight greed with economical freedom and commons

view and why it should be the new web innovation trend

view  It's all about the datamines, baby.

view  Images - the original web "object"

view  Promoting Benevolent Companies

view  Cheesiest design agency slogans ever.